Louise Wallberg Truxaw knew what she wanted, and went for it

How I’m related

Louise is my great-great aunt on my mom’s mom’s side.

Louise’s Story

Eleanor (Ella), Ivor, Louise, Mabel Wallberg (2)

Elinore (Ella) Owens Wallberg with her children (L-R) Mabel, Ivor and Louise abt 1902/1903

Castilla Louise Wallberg was born on February 8, 1892 in Waterville, WA to Edmund Ulrich Wallberg and Elinore (Ella) Elizabeth Owens, and was named after her maternal grandmother, Castilla Jane Kirkpatrick Owens. Castilla Louise went by her middle name.

Louise had an older brother, Ivor Owens Wallberg (b. 1890) and two younger sisters: Mabel Eleanor Wallberg Winney (b. 1899), and Edna Bernice Wallberg (b. 1906). (Side note: the name Eleanor will become a common middle name given to girls in the Wallberg and Winney families) 

Louise Truxaw’s Life Story

I’m thrilled that I have a copy of “My Life” by Louise Truxaw. No date is given for the original, but I made a note that I got my copy in November 2009. The stories show Louise as a woman who knew what she wanted, and actively worked to achieve those things. This means there are too many stories to tell about Louise for one blog post, so I’ll only tell one in this post.

As I publish each story, I’ll come back to this post and add the links. You can also click on this link for all stories about her: Louise Wallberg Truxaw.

The quote that guided Louise

This passage is from the first page of Louise’s story. I’ve kept her grammar and writing style, which is why you’ll see a lot of dashes rather than other punctuation.

“For some unknown reason I was always telling myself that I was different from the other boys & girls of our country school-I suppose I did sit and dream a lot-perhaps that was why the magic words were written in my old Autograph Album-But they were words that stayed with me always. ‘But you Louise will not sit idle longing her wish to gain’


As you will find out in later stories, Louise most certainly did not sit idle longing her wish to gain. The time period she’s referring to is elementary school so the year is between 1900 and 1903, not a time when  girls were encouraged to take their own courses of action. But at that young age, Louise took that quote to heart and from then on decided for herself what she wanted and worked to get it.

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