Amalia Bromander Walks from Finland to Sweden

Amalia Sofia Bromander

How I’m related

Amalia Sofia Bromander was born on March 1, 1822 in Botkyrka, Sweden. She married Ulrich Wallberg on July 27, 1850 in Hatuna, Uppsala, Sweden. Amalia is my mom’s great-great grandmother on her mother’s side.

This information is from “The Grandpa Wallberg story”:

“[Amalia’s] mother  came from Finland when she was sixteen years old with a girl companion, walking all the way to Stockholm, over five hundred miles!”(The war of 1809 between Finland and Russia at that time resulted in Russia taking over Finland accounting for many to leave Finland)”

What I found recently in my research is that Amalia’s mother was Ulrica Hemstedt, who was born on 28 Nov 1783 in Turku, Lansi-Suomen Laani, Finland

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