Agnes Geier Wulfestieg marries aboard a ship from Germany to Brazil

Agnes’ Story

1890s Agnes A Geier Wulfestieg in Santa Ana CA

Agnes A Geier Wulfestieg in Santa Ana CA, 1890s

Most of the story below was taken verbatim from Dorothy Beck’s genealogy source notes that were sent to me. I’ve added details about dates and places of their children being born as I’ve found more information through census data and other records. Continue reading

Amalia Bromander Walks from Finland to Sweden

Amalia Sofia Bromander

How I’m related

Amalia Sofia Bromander was born on March 1, 1822 inĀ Botkyrka, Sweden. She married Ulrich Wallberg on July 27, 1850 inĀ Hatuna, Uppsala, Sweden. Amalia is my mom’s great-great grandmother on her mother’s side.

This information is from “The Grandpa Wallberg story”: Continue reading